I am bad and that's good. I will never be good and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.

My name is Jessica but call me Jess. I like everybody but only love a very special few. My favorite word to use ironically is hella.

  • maclonna:

    never forget this iconic moment in television history 

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  • worldofthecutestcuties:

    I learned nothing in class today.

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  • the-consulting-dragon-lord:

    I love how everyone universally hates Umbridge

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    image image

    everyone remember 10/17/14

    the day tumblr messed up so badly they changed it back within 2 minutes

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  • shadowhunterdean:

    me in the morning: i’m so tired

    parents: what did you do all night?

    me: i watched a very important documentary for school


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  • novub:

    shout out to people with abusive mothers who have to deal with the world acting like every single mother’s love is so expansive and unconditional and tender when that is the opposite of what we experienced

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  • gabbyv23:


    skype sleepovers may seem like a weird internet thing but theyre really cute and make u feel nice n safe because just imagine like having a nightmare or s/t but then you wake up and your friend in the call is there iTS PRETTY MUCH LIKE SLEEPING WITH THEM IRL AND ITS FUN AND SWEET




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  • titanios:

    Who has never had any desire to vanish and only come back when everything was fine?

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